Landing Page Optimization Checklist to Excel in Your PPC Campaign

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Crafting an awesome ad is the key ingredient to a successful PPC campaign. But what happens once the searcher clicks on it?

Getting the searcher to click on your ad doesn't necessarily mean the goal is achieved. It usually takes a little more effort than that.

When the searchers go to your landing page, they expect it to answer their questions or give them more information about their query. They decide quickly if the page is not relevant or interesting to them and they might click away immediately.

For this reason, you have to focus on creating a landing page that is specifically tailored to your target audience's needs. This page should contribute to an amazing experience for them. The easier you make it for them to find the information they need, the more likely is for them to complete a purchase or any other action we want them to complete.

Since we have already established how visitors can sometimes decide impulsively, it's good practice to create a dedicated landing page for a specific product or service. You will then lead your visitors to the end goal - through the copy and other elements on the page. Otherwise, if you, for example, link your ad to your homepage, it's less likely to receive a lot of conversions. The visitors would rarely try to navigate through your website and find the information on their own.

The quality of the landing page has a big impact on user experience. When the visitors recognize your page as relevant, this leads to a series of improved metrics. For example, the bounce rate decreases, the quality score improves and it's more likely that your ad will show in a higher position and therefore gain more traffic. Now that we understand the importance of a good landing page, we can proceed to the tips and guidelines. In the picture below you will find a list of tips to improve your landing page.

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