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Website development, redesign and optimization

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  • Analysis, planning, development, deployment and maintenance of websites. From simple to complex
  • Domain and hosting services
  • Development maintenance and services

Logo, brand and corporate identity design

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  • Digital and graphic design
  • Brand and product design
  • Design consulting

SEO, Performance and digital Marketing

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  • SEO - onsite and offsite optimization
  • Digital marketing consulting and execution

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From local known company to country wide coverage

Lack of recognition on digital media was the main challenge of the construction software company BEST before hiring us to tackle the challenge. Together we designed, created and executed marketing campaigns, designed brochures and graphic materials and redesigned and improved their exisiting webpage. A success story without a doubt!

Helping patients find and manage hidden family diseases

Genyom was a project in the medical field, combining both, the knowledge of medicine and IT so patients and doctors would share, explore and better understand family history diseases.

Improving tourist experience and boosting local engagement

In 2018 we helped create the digital story of a small town in Slovenia, by developing a platform for tourists and locals, where all the major and significant events are announced, presented and shown. The website serves as a info point and holds a valuable place within the cultural and tourist organisations in the town. There are many great projects, but this one remains in our hearts in good faith and memory.

A team of professionals with rich experience from various fields and services. We don’t just think outside of the box, we take ideas to a new dimension.

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