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We work with a limited number of clients. This allows us to give you our undivided attention and drive results. You get at least two professionals assigned to the job - a project manager to streamline the communication and a field expert to effectively lead the team.

We can only improve what we measure and understand. That is why we have developed our unique internal methodologies to ensure each project is executed in a transparent and predictable manner.

We love what we do. There is just no way around it. Digital is both an amazingly complex subject but also a great opportunity to grow. While working we try to mix and match different knowledge and expertise from various fields to give our clients so they recieve a unique and memorable exprience.

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20Website redesign
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Innovative design for a powerful presence. We build distinctive and memorable B2B brands.


We create meaningful and goal-oriented designs with a seamless user experience. Our services include a comprehensive solution offering web design as well as UX/UI.


Carefully built funnels and well-planned campaigns. We design and run digital marketing activities effectively and diligently.

We deliver what we promise

Our team has worked with many sucessfull international companies through the years.

Our team was very pleased with their expertise, way of work, quality, and speed. But what I personally admired the most is the very good relationship that we established during the project. They are now our go-to guys that we can trust completely. We are looking forward to doing our next project together.

Urska Skafar \ Head of Marketing @ Codex

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