case study

Spinning into infinity, together!

When it comes to various driving elements, Codex is the go-to company. We started our digital journey by closely cooperating with their team and together we established a suitable goal-oriented digital strategy, starting with redesigning their existing website. The final product of our collaboration resulted in a modern, industrious, and simple website, which perfectly fits into the company culture and branding. We are immensely proud of the outcome and are looking forward to future adventures together.

Smartphones with website loaded


It’s more than just a website, it is a part of a new business and marketing strategy and will help achieve the ultimate goals.
We started our journey at the Codex HQ where the Codex team organized a presentation of their company, history, achievements, and mission. What better way to start a project than to have a chat with their experts. We tried to get as much inside information as possible, as we knew that this will be the foundation of the project.

The presentation was followed by a nice tour of their (recently renovated) offices and warehouse. The inside - people, offices, and the atmosphere matches the overall public image of the organization - a modern company, but with tradition and history of successes, that is trying to build an even better digital presence. And this is where we come in.

The next step was thorough market research. We analyzed their place in the market, the competitors, and their target audience. As every industry has its specifics, we were keen to learn the principles of theirs.

The website’s purpose is not solely to serve as a digital business card. If used right, it can be a lot more than that, which is the main reason why it should be included in the broader business and marketing strategy. Based on the objectives we set, the website can give the user all information he needs, as well as an added value and at the same time, it can lead the user to take a certain action.

Using the knowledge we gained throughout the research process and the interview with the employees, we started defining the goals. In collaboration with the Codex team, we focused on the most important customer profiles and we created a great strategy on how to design and develop a website that will serve as the main tool for acquiring new customers and maintaining the relationships with the current ones.


Being a reliable and trustworthy partner, offering a wide variety of industrial products, we focused on reflecting these key points into the design.
The industrious factor is incorporated through the darker background color, which surrounds the majority of the website. It is a somewhat different approach, yet we choose to present this in a more bold way.

The company visuals are shared between the company building exterior, interior, and redesigned website. We wanted to prepare a uniform design that would last. The majority of elements have sharp edges, with an adequate amount of surrounding space, which keeps the focus on the right spot. This in term inspired the decision to differentiate the main action-guiding element (buttons) by using a more rounded approach.

The website also incorporates clear visual sections, modern visual elements, and follows well-established SEO guidelines in terms of structure and other needed technical aspects. The design of the website communicates with the user in a known manner, while offering a somewhat unique and memorable user experience.


We were mainly using agile methodologies for our development process, so we were able to easily adapt to change and adjust accordingly. By performing the necessary and thorough analysis with a variety of instruments, we got a deeper understanding of the wishes and were able to choose the right technologies for the use case.

All in all, the project was a great experience and stands as an important milestone in our journey to growth and success.